Engaging with Influencers: Llama John

When popular YouTuber Hank Green asked his fans to give Heifer International llamas to his brother,  John, for his birthday, Casey and his team swung into action. Through monitoring online conversations about the campaign, amplifying the influencers’ messages and engaging with fans directly, they were able to capitalize on this opportunity that resulted in nearly $30,000 donated to Heifer and exposure to a new, younger audience. The team then sent creative thank you gifts to each of the Greens: plush llamas named French, which is a nod to the long-running joke the Greens have with their fans that all llamas are named “French.” Hank gives a quick shoutout to his llama in this Mental Floss video.


Social Strategies for a New Market: MySalesHero.com

While at Acxiom, Casey led the development of a social media plan for the launch of MySalesHero.com, a new marketing data solution for small businesses. His strategy included the launch of product-specific Facebook and Twitter accounts as well as the creation of content aimed at positioning Acxiom as a thought leader in small business marketing — a new industry vertical for the brand. Today, this small-business suite is branded as My Acxiom Partner.


Nonprofit Social Engagement: Heifer International

When he joined Heifer International in 2009, Casey was tasked with crafting social media strategies to help this $130 million NGO raise support and awareness in the US and the 30 countries where it works. Casey established a network of volunteer digital ambassadors, a social media monitoring program and established best practices that empowered staff around the globe to advance the organization’s work in their own social spheres of influence. Casey also helped to integrate social media across Heifer’s traditional marketing, communications, donor services and fundraising practices.


Crafting Corporate Social Media Strategies: Acxiom

Casey was instrumental in building a social presence for Acxiom, a global provider of marketing and software as a service solutions. He developed strategies for messaging and content across social networks and worked to demonstrate the value of social media in a business to business setting. He trained and advised both members of the salesforce and company leadership in using their social profiles to foster leads and establish thought leadership. Casey also started a program for social listening that monitored numerous digital channels for brand conversations, and he established Acxiom’s first internal social media policy.


Klout Pulse: NGOs

Heifer International’s Twitter account (@heifer) was consistently ranked among the top five most influential NGO accounts by Klout.


High-Tech Cause Marketing: Games for Goats

Casey led the team that developed and implemented Heifer International’s Games for Goats campaign — a cause marketing collaboration between the NGO and the makers of two popular goat-themed interactive games. Donors received digital downloads of both games as a premium, and this innovative fundraising campaign garnered significant interest among audiences outside of Heifer’s traditional supporter base. You can read more about the campaign in these stories by Modern Farmer Magazine and Gamepsot.com.


Making the Case for Weddings that Give Back: The Wall Street Journal

Over the course of several weeks, Casey worked with a reporter from The Wall Street Journal to identify sources, provide background information and check facts. Drawing from his years of media relations experience, Casey was able to ensure that Heifer International was one of the NGOs featured in this story about couples who ask their wedding guests to make donations to charity in lieu of traditional gifts. The story ran in the paper’s A-Hed section on the front page of the Jan. 28, 2012 print edition, and can be found online here.